Tyler Keevil's Writing Space

The virtual equivalent of Deep Cove, as viewed from Quarry Rock

Tyler Keevil is a novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer from Vancouver, Canada.  He is the author of three award-winning books: Fireball, The Drive, and Burrard Inlet.

Screenwriting With Young Writers Squad

Over the past couple of weeks, Tyler has been running a set of screenwriting workshops with the talented and dedicated writers that take part in the regular Young Writers Squad sessions at The Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea.  The events are organized and run by Jo Furber and her team of staff, and are always fun and lively.  Tyler was delighted to be asked back to rejoin the squad and work with the students again.

For these new sessions the young writers focused on developing characters, creating conflict within scenes, and brainstorming storylines by using overarching or 'supra objectives' (fancy word alert).  The lesson plan cased studies included Stand By Me, The Hunger Games, and even Mr. Bean.  Many thanks to Jo for inviting Tyler down, and to the students for their focus and enthusiasm throughout the sessions. 

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