Tyler Keevil's Writing Room

'Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories - and telling other people a somewhat different version of our stories.' - Alice Munro

Tyler Keevil is an award-winning writer from Vancouver, Canada.  He is the author of three novels - Fireball, The Drive, and No Good Brother - and the short story collection, Burrard Inlet.

Screenwriting & Filmmaking

Tyler's short films have screened at festivals in Canada and across the U.K.  He was co-writer and co-creator of the notorious Silverback series of shorts, the last of which picked up the People's Choice Award at the Vancouver Reelfast Film Festival.  The short film, 'Pitch,' which he co-wrote and co-directed alongside playwright David Christopher, screened at Bacup, Ffresh, Filmstock, S2F2, and won the Welsh Dragon Award at the Newport Film Festival; another short he wrote, 'Running Pains,' was produced by Panik Attak and broadcast on ITV Wales.  

More recently, Tyler has been working as a script editor and story consultant on the forthcoming retro-action adventure, Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins, coming soon from Coatwolf Productions.  The film, which is written and directed by Jonathan Keevil (Tyler's brother), takes its inspiration from old-school video games like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, and classic 80's films like The Warriors.  It stars David Arquette (of Scream fame), Michael Pare, Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, and Jonathan himself.  Check out the latest news about the production at the Coatwolf website.

Other film work is on the horizon.  Tyler's short story, 'The Herd,' which was published in Exile Editions' excellent zombie-themed anthology, Dead North, has been optioned to be adapted into a feature film.  The director is Jeremy Ball, who has previously worked on the visual effects for The Forbidden Kingdom, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Zhang Yimou's The Flowers of War, among others, and recently turned heads with his stunning post-apocalyptic short film, Frost.  'The Herd' story blends the zombie genre with the Wendigo mythos, set amid the frozen wastes of the Great White North.  Watch this space for updates on the adaptation and forthcoming production.

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