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The virtual equivalent of Deep Cove, as viewed from Quarry Rock

Tyler Keevil is a novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer from Vancouver, Canada.  He is the author of three award-winning books: Fireball, The Drive, and Burrard Inlet.

Parthian Rarebit at Hay Festival

I turn my back for a few minutes (or weeks) and my web design team have highjacked my blog.  They didn't do too bad a job, all things considered.  I may consider hiring them full-time - if I can afford their rates.  For now I'm back in the saddle, and looking forward to tomorrow, when I'll be performing at the Hay Festival alongside a great bunch of writers: Sion Tomos Owen, Carley Holmes, Rachel Trezise, Lewis Davies, Dan Tyte, Holly Muller, Jemma King, and Susie Wild.  We'll be doing a gala-style event called Parthian Rarebit, at half eight on Monday evening, to celebrate the 21 birthday of Parthian Books.  Susie and Lewis are hosting, the rest of us will be reading from our latest, and tickets are only a fiver.  This should be one to remember, folks. 

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