Tyler Keevil's Writing Room

'Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories - and telling other people a somewhat different version of our stories.' - Alice Munro

Tyler Keevil is an award-winning writer from Vancouver, Canada.  He is the author of three novels - Fireball, The Drive, and No Good Brother - and the short story collection, Burrard Inlet.

Brains & Brawn

Thanks to everybody who came out to support the 'Event in the Tent,' which I took part in alongside novelist D.D. Johnston, who was once my friend but who is now my arch rival and boxing nemesis.  For forty minutes, D.D. and I were interviewed by the eloquent literary critic Dr. Martin Randall, and at the end of that our lighthearted banter gave way to some real literary action; D.D. and I dropped trou (we were wearing boxing shorts) and laced up the gloves and took each other on in a head-to-head sparring match, with Randall acting as referee.  It was the first (and possibly last) boxing match the Cheltenham Literature Festival had ever seen.  It was supposed to be for fun, but being the competitive men we are, things got a little out of hand.  Blood was spilled, noise complaints were made, and low-blows were thrown...but it was all for a good cause, and in the end we raised over £150 for the charity Music For Hope.  And fortunately no real boxers were on hand to witness this mockery of their sport - and kick our asses.

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