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The virtual equivalent of Deep Cove, as viewed from Quarry Rock

Tyler Keevil is a novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer from Vancouver, Canada.  He is the author of three award-winning books: Fireball, The Drive, and Burrard Inlet.

The Drive For Hope Charity Fundraiser

To commemorate the launch of The Drive, Tyler's hardworking publicity team came up with the idea of selling T-shirts, using some of the cool and quirky designs produced by Anna Morrison for the novel's cover.  It seemed pretty weak to charge readers and fans for wearing a shirt promoting the book, so they decided to put all proceeds towards a good cause: Music For Hope.

Music For Hope is a charity started 17 years ago by Tyler's friend and fellow artist, Katherine Rogers.  It is a community music initiative supporting children and young people in rural El Salvador.  The organization is not-for-profit, and run entirely by volunteers.  Among its many projects, Music For Hope donates instruments to Salvadorians, provides them with lessons and training, and organizes musical exchanges to other parts of the world. You can find out loads more about their projects, and other ways to help their cause, by visiting them on Facebook

The Pit Stop Shop - all shirts just £11.99!

You can also help simply by buying one of these shirts. You'll feel doubly good as not only will you be satisfying that capitalist-consumer urge, you will be doing a very small bit of good. But just what is Tyler getting out of this, you ask?  Well, free publicity of course. And the cynics will say that he's also probably trying to make himself look like a good guy, or make himself feel good, or whatever. Sure - we take that on board. We'll make fun of him next time we see him.  But in the meantime feel free to take a look at the merchandise - you might just find something that seems to fit. 

Here's the pitch: printed by Performance Clothing, these shirts are spun from soft-style cotton, and - as you can see - sport some super-cool artwork based on the cover of The Drive. You get the eagle, the rear-view mirror with a small and menacing biker in it, and Trevor's loveable cat companion. Who wouldn't want that on their shirt?  Seriously. The ladies sizes come in Sports Grey and Irish Green. For the men, we also offer the grey, as well as Antique Cherry Red. Our male model is admittedly looking a bit flabby around the midriff, as he was drinking beers before our shoot, but we feel that gives the shirt an average Joe, everyman appeal. All the shirts come in small, medium, and large sizes. You can purchase them with a credit or debit card, or via Paypal. Just pick and click below.  Did we mention that all profits go to charity?  So far, the campaign has raised over £250 for Music For Hope - so thank you for your generosity!


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